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What is the HEAR?

Tara Matthew
2019-01-25 16:01

 The HEAR records the full range of your experience and skills gained whilst studying at the University of Sheffield.

Currently, this comprehensive report of university achievements is only available to undergraduate students, though the University is looking at how it can provide HEARs to taught postgraduate students as well.

The HEAR includes:

  • Academic information about your course, modules and grades.
  • Extra-curricular activities and awards.

You can find out which extra-curricular activities can be verified by going to our online database:

You can use your HEAR as evidence of the knowledge and experience you gain at Sheffield, e.g. to help you demonstrate your skills when applying for jobs/further study. The HEAR was developed through a national project, and its template has been standardised, so employers and other universities know about it too.

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